Transfer to Blogger

Hello in case anyone are reading or following my blog post (even though it’s just personal gaming archive all this time)

after discuss with friend who happen to use Blogger (known as i’ve decide to transfer there and see if anything is good, and it turns out better than i imagine. The reason is simple, everytime i try to customize this free theme, wordpress only allow me to customize title, background, and header.. as for the others, wordpress ask me to pay for fully customizeable which for someone who don’t do business on sites are a bit too much. And Blogger offer easily customizeable theme, so yeah it’s the reason

the new blog link : yeah goes by PSN & YouTube username so it’s easy to recoqnize (because this blog was created just for try out wordpress in older days) Not all post are transfered yet, especially older one need fix before re-publish (because WordPress embed code is different with blogger), but all recent article is up already